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Featured projects

Samsung X Royal Blood


Iris Worldwide


When it came to hero handset launches for Samsung, iris had experience breaking out of category focused media, instead generating hype & buzz in popular culture with millennial minded masses. But for the revolutionary new S8, iris needed to find another level of ambition & sophistication. Read more…

EMF worked closely with iris and all suppliers on this technically challenging launch event, providing the power infrastructure within the multi-levelled Collins Music Hall.

Watch the video to see the stunning results!

Landrover Hibernot Campaign


ER London


On a very cold and frosty clear mid January morning, EMF towed a pair of our 200kva generators to the top of the South Downs range in Sussex to begin the installation of Britain’s remotest “drive through” for Land Rover’s Hibernot marketing campaign.

Under the production management of ER London, a stylish structure was built and fitted out for lunchtime dining and a kitchen to house chef Simon Rogan and his team.

EMF provided the power infrastructure for the lighting, heating and kitchen…keeping the food and  everyone warm in minus temperatures!